During the course of growth and development, every business organization faces a lot of Management challenges. That may be in Process effectiveness, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Customer Relations Management etc.

Our Management consulting practices take an in-depth analysis of the needs of an organization and propose the best management solutions to equip the organization to overcome the challenges and move to next level of success.

Virtual Executive Assistance ( VEA)

When it comes to Business Correspondence and Communication, flawless, precise drafting is very important. For the busy Entrepreneur or Executive, time is a main constraint to put his hands on all business correspondence and communication requirements

Our VEA Service Can Assist You in

  • Drafting your Business Correspondence
  • Reviewing your Agreements, Proposals and other Business Documents and giving expert advice, comments on due diligence required points.
  • Getting quotations, Proposals etc. for your projects if needed by you.
  • Preparation of High –level Business & Project Proposals
  • Timely delivery and Confidentiality is the highlight of our VEA Service

Business Process Redefining

In simple words, a Business Process is a” set of activities an organization undertakes to achieve a specific result or complete the task effectively “

If your Business is on the growing stage and you feel some issues in the overall Business Processes of your organization, our expert consulting service can analyze, redefine and ensure the effectiveness of your business processes.

We can assist you in re-defining the Business Processes effectively.

Business Plan

Every admirable business of today has started from an Idea. We draw Business Plans from ideas, backed up with research, industry knowledge and management expertise. So the business idea gets the frame work for disciplined execution.

We help clients to transform their ideas to solid business plans.

Company Profile

Professionally presented, impressive Company Profile is your company’s competitive advantage. Most SME’s business are at good standards but often the Company Profile is not up to the mark.

You can benefit from our expertise and get your professional, impressive Company Profile Content drafting in a cost effective manner.

We can further extend our assistance to the Company Profile Design Part also.

Corporate Agreements

Documentation is an important factor for clarity in business deals. With many SME’s, this part is often ignored or under estimated. This leads to chaos, confusion and unpleasant situation.

Our team has many years of experience in professional business documentation.

We can assist you in preparing Business Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings ( MoUs) , Joint venture Agreements and any higher level documents.

Company Registration

We offer expert consulting on company registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain whether it is a New Company Registration, Branch of a Foreign Company, adding Branches to an existing Company etc.

We can assist you in completing the process with Ministry of Industry, Commerce (MOIC)

Trade Mark Registration

Your Trade Mark and Brand Identities are the result of your hard work. When your business steps into the success ladder, your brand identities are getting noticed and recognized. If your Trade Marks are not protected, someone else can copy it and open a similar business.

We provide complete guidance and assistance to the Small and Medium Business owners on how to get their trademarks registered in the National Trade Mark Registry.

HR Consulting

Human Resources are the backbone of any successful organization. Attracting, developing and retaining talented employees are very important for Organization growth and sustainability.

Our Consultants are professionally qualified and well-experienced HR practitioners who have an in-depth knowledge of HRM.

We provide professional guidance that fix your organization’s HR Issues

HR Policies

HR Policies are specific guidelines that an organization takes in managing its Human Resources. These are formal rules and instruction that gives clarity to employee and employer in all matters related with work. Over all HR functions managed with fair and ethical policies boost the Organization’s growth and development. We help growing organizations to draw their HR Policy.

Employment Contracts

A well –drafted employment contract is the basis of a healthy employee – employer relationship. Clarity of rights and obligations from both sides reduces the risk of any miscommunication and difficult situations in future.

Performance Management

Measuring employee performance on a timely manner and giving performance feedback to employees are important to maintain productivity, professionalism and a performance driven work culture.

We assist organizations for implementing Performance Management Process and procedures effectively.

Learning & Development

Learning and development is very important for an organization in today’s competitive environment. The goal of Learning and development is to align employee goals and performance with the goals of the organization.

Employees are the greatest assets of any organization. The purpose of learning and development is to focus on filling knowledge gaps and up skilling employees.

We assist organizations to identify the Knowledge Gaps, recommending the right Training Program and liaison with Trainers.

Defining Employee Roles, Responsibilities & KPIs

Every hiring has a purpose. Only when the recruited employee fulfils that purpose, then only the organization benefits. We help the organization to document the Job Description, Roles, Responsibilities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIS)


We understand that we consult for the betterment of the organizations where humans work not robots. So we take human centric approach in our entire consulting process.